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“This Program Has Been The One Thing That Has Had The Most Profound Impact On My Entire Life!”

“I am living the life of my dreams with the man of my dreams and our so longed for baby.”

I wanted to do everything possible to recondition my mind, body, heart and soul for Soulmate Love. I did not want to fall into the same patterns and make the same mistakes I had done in the past.

With the support of Johnny and Lara as my love mentors and the other women in the program by my side who had always seen me at my highest self, it was so much easier to practice change and accelerate the transformation process.

Since then I found my soulmate – we bought a condo, got married (Lara and Johnny officiated the wedding), and we’ve been transformed by our babyʼs arrival…

It is so amazing to witness how our lives just keep getting better and better. I am living the life of my dreams, with the man of my dreams and our so longed for baby… And of course we know that there are more dreams to be yet manifested!”


Gaby W. (with her husband Sam & their baby, Jayden)

- Gaby W., Roseville, CA

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We’re all About Love

We are all about love. We empower women through their relationships – helping single women love themselves, love their life, and attract the right man to love and be loved by. Our mission is to create more loving couples in the world and to help you live your best life. Johnny & Lara



Leslie R. (with her husband, Alfredo)

“I’m So Glad I Took a Chance…”

“Johnny and Lara helped me clarify who I was looking for and what kind of life I wanted to share with him and a few months after taking their course I met my husband of three beautiful years of marriage.”

I was having fun, but definitely not in soul mate territory when I heard about Johnny and Lara’s program. They are two of the most loving, generous people around and they definitely know their stuff when it comes to attracting the right partner. I’m so glad I took a chance. They helped me clarify who I was looking for and what kind of life I wanted to share with him. A few months after taking their program, I met my husband of now three beautiful years of marriage. I didn’t recognize him right away, but he kept showing up in my life in such a powerful way that I had to take notice of what the universe was offering me.

- Leslie R., Oakland, CA

A Lifetime of Love is Awaiting You… Move Past Your Fears and Your “Shoulds” and choose love, right now.


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