Looking for your soulmate but continuing to attract the wrong guys for you?

Tell us if this sounds familiar…

You’re worried you keep attracting lazy men, cheating men, abusive men, and men who take no responsibility for their life…

You’re having trouble finding a guy that will match your effort…

You dream of a relationship in which you can feel comfortable being YOU, and not feel any kind of pressure that you need to change, but deep down you’re afraid you missed your chance and you’re getting too old.

We’ve been there.

Today, our life is great…

We enjoy a fulfilling soulmate relationship, our marriage continues to be a blessing after more than 16 years, we have a wonderful daughter who amazes us every day, and we’re living our purpose – helping to empower single, conscious women through their relationships.

Because we believe when a woman owns her own power, speaks her truth about herself and her life, and has healthy beliefs and behaviors around relationships, then soulmate love becomes her destiny.

And over the past 11 years it has been our privilege to help thousands of women through our deeply transformational and life-changing courses and programs, to enable them to live the life of their dreams with their soulmate by their side.

Could a disruptive love pattern you’re not even aware of be causing you to pick the wrong guys for you?

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But it wasn’t always like this…

We had each previously struggled with failed relationships. Both of us had been married before and felt the pain of divorce.

At first we worried we’d never find love – that it was too late. Or, worse, that we would just keep “screwing it up”…that we didn’t “have what it took” to be in a relationship.

And we both came to the realization that the one common denominator in all our failed relationships was… us!

So, independently of each other (Johnny was living in New York and Lara in California) we sought to do the work on ourselves. To get ourselves ready and prepared and to overcome the blockages that had been keeping us from finding our soulmate.


With every relationship that ended badly, there was always this intense disappointment, and even worse, this fear that I was just flawed.

In fact, I remember walking into a party with my first husband and him saying “Must you always be – too much?” (that is an exact quote!).

And let me tell you, even after my marriage ended, I had plenty of relationships that were a waste of time at best, and many were just plain bad. Finally, after one very hurtful and emotional breakup with a man I thought I was in love with at the time, I drew a line in the sand.

I was either going to find the true love of my life or I was going to become a cat lady (you know what I’m talking about, right? The old lady that lives alone with 50 cats and who, when she dies, bequeaths her fortune to her feline friends!).

No in-between. No settling.

It was taking that stand that attracted the right mentors into my life – mentors that led me on a journey of self-exploration and opened my mind and my heart to my soulmate and the life of my dreams.



I felt alone. I remember that.


When I got divorced I felt like I was on my own and back to square one.

I was frustrated with myself, and at the whole idea of love and relationships.

I thought the women I’d been seeing were the problem – I just hadn’t found the right woman for me. For a while I thought that “true love” was BS and everyone who said they were happy and in love was “full of it.”

After a well meaning friend told me how I would probably be alone another 10 years based on my past (my childhood wounds and my divorce), and probably never have children – well, that’s when I woke up.

I decided to DO something very different. I began following a system (I didn’t know it at the time) and ended up attracting and being attracted to the woman of my dreams, Lara.

And you know what?

We didn’t just “get lucky.” We attracted each other intentionally and consciously.

Even though we didn’t fully realize it at the time, we followed a step-by-step path, a system – and we found each other.

But would it work for others, or were we just lucky?

One-by-one, we started helping others.

At first we helped Lara’s girlfriends.

When one after another found their soulmates too (they are all still together to this day), we began to wonder if this was just our system, or if other soulmate couples had taken similar steps toward each other.

Turns out, every soulmate couple we talked to, or read about, followed the exact same plan, even without realizing it.

What’s more, we discovered this was a step-by-step path that others could follow too.

That was more than 11 years ago and since that time we’ve been blessed to help so many women find their soulmates.

..and most of them had the same concerns when they approached us:

“Am I just doomed to attract an endless succession of the wrong men for me?”

“Even if I do find someone right for me, maybe I don’t have what it takes to be in a relationship. Maybe I’ll just mess it up.”

“What if I get too old before I find my soulmate? What if I’ve missed my chance and I’m already too old?”

But it wasn’t too late for them, and it wasn’t “fate” or “serendipity” either. Once they implemented our system, they started seeing results.

We’ve been to so many of our clients’ weddings and baby showers, we know what we are doing works and we truly love it. It is what we are meant to do.

Here are just some of the beautiful people we have helped to find soulmate love…

If you’re ready to take action to find and attract your soulmate, you’ve come to the right place…

It’s not too late to find a relationship with someone who loves you for you, even if you’ve been hurt, or “screwed up” in the past.

We’ve got lots of great courses and programs to help you, but if you’re wondering where to start, just click below to learn about and overcome your own Disruptive Love Pattern Quiz.

Overcome your Disruptive Love Patterns before you pick one more guy who’s wrong for you!

Start making better love decisions overnight.