Video Q&A Thursday: Quality Attraction Factor


Hi, Johnny here and it’s my turn for Video Q&A Thursday!

This week’s question is all about why you keep on attracting men that are only looking for sex. Check out the video below and know how to achieve that Quality Attraction Factor.

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  1. Olivia Powell said: May 24, 2012 at 6:36 pm

    Hi Johnny,

    It was great to see and hear from you about seeking the “core of the man” and not just a certain aspect…however, it is my experience(both personally and as a Life Coach) that most men are looking for sex and going for it almost immediately…the exception is the man who wants to get to know me BEFORE putting the move on me…he is the man I will take time to explore and connect with his core…however, I am not seeking the extreme (a man who isn’t physically attracted to me) but rather a good holistic balance of: physical attraction, mental stimulation, emotional risk to be vulnerable and available, and spiritually compatibile….Afterall, I am offering that to him, and more.

    Love to both you and Lara,
    Your friend across the miles

  2. Lisa Jing said: May 24, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    Hi Johnny & Lara –

    Great meeting you in person at the Love Breakthrough Weekend in San Jose last week.

    Here’s my question. Many relationship mentors including you frequently comment that we attract what we put out. I have a pattern of attracting guys that I’m not particularly attracted to while the ones I’m attracted to aren’t interested in me beyond friendship. I also tend to attract men a lot older (mid-60s+) than I am even though most people are surprised to discover that I’m older (52) than they thought I was. What might I be doing to get these results?