Video Q&A Thursday: I’m going rogue


I’m going rogue this week on Video Q & A Thursday! I have something to say to you- the single, successful and spiritual woman who’s really wanting her soulmate- and my hope is that you’ll find it inspiring and that it gives you hope to get on your path (or stay on it) to the life of your dreams.

It’s all possible, you know. You CAN have what you want. Johnny and I want to help you.

Enjoy the video!

To your soulmate success,

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  1. David said: April 18, 2012 at 5:50 am

    The term soulmate makes no sense to me whatever as I can’t see any justification for it’s existence in terms of relationships and love. I feel people bandy it around without understanding. We are either all soulmates or not. Relationships are more about meeting each others needs primarily in a physical, mental and emotional sense which makes up most of our human existence. As for the spiritual aspect we often can be on totally different paths and still have a good relationship….I’m sorry I just don’t get all the “inferences” associated with people saying they have met their soulmate. Perhaps you can help me understand.

    • Dr. Lara Fernandez said: April 20, 2012 at 4:58 am

      Thanks for the question, David. The word soulmate has many definitions for many people. In our teachings, we feel there could hundreds, if not thousands of “soulmates” for each of us. Our goal is to help our clients focus and attract just ONE of them. That’s as far as we go into the definition of “soulmate”. We honor all people’s paths to their true love, soulmate, twin flame, divine right love partner… 😉

      Peace and blessings,