jandl-studentWe believe giving and receiving soulmate love is your birthright.

Helping you find your soulmate is our purpose and our passion, and because of that, over the past 10 years we have dedicated ourselves to helping amazing women, like you, step into living the life of your dreams with your soulmate by your side.

How does that begin?

By becoming a Student of Love and having us be your love mentors, you learn to really let go of limiting beliefs and non-supportive behaviors (many of them unconscious) that have kept you single all of this time. At the same time, we help you open your heart and mind to loving yourself first and then magnetically (and somewhat magically!) attracting your soulmate.

These breakthroughs not only create a space for true soulmate love in your life, they also enrich all your relationships – with your family, your colleagues, and your community. Every other aspect of your life – your career, your business, your health – is up leveled when you step up and become a Student of Love. Life just gets better and better!

Like any good curriculum, it all starts with 101…

LOVE 101

You have certain aspects of your life that are working well, and some that haven’t been working so well. So far, you’ve likely experienced the highs and lows of love and relationships and had your fair share of excitement and connection, as well as pain and heartbreak.

You’ve done the best you can, with the knowledge and experience that you had. Perhaps you’ve given your heart to someone who didn’t appreciate you, or been betrayed by someone who you thought was very special, or just haven’t found anyone who matches you in spirit, heart, and mind.

Maybe you’ve been finding it challenging to really let go and trust another person… or even trust yourself. At this point, you may even be beginning to notice there are patterns that keep repeating themselves.

You have learned a lot and progressed a lot. You’ve also learned that there are old “lessons” that are no longer serving you.

Let’s think of everything that you’ve done up until now, all these relationships and all the therapy and all the books and advice and maybe even a course or two, as your LOVE 101.

You know that if you keep going at this rate, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll have more isolation, lack of fulfilling relationships, and never experience that love and family fulfillment that you’ve always longed for. So you not only won’t find love this lifetime, but you won’t live fully because it’s not just in your love life that you feel stuck and are really looking for more in your life. It’s everywhere. You want more. More fulfillment. More meaning. More connection. More joy. More love.

When you realize this, and really OWN it, really own the fact that you want more, what happens is that then you become willing to learn something new and actually reach out for it as you are doing here, reading this page, and this is when you truly become a Student of Love.

And to help you on this very special journey, we’ve created a supportive, proven pathway for you to follow…


LOVE 201

Home Learning Courses and Live Telecourse

As a Student of Love, you can begin right now from the comfort of your own home. We have three excellent, and very different, Home Learning Courses that you can begin right away, and one live telecourse that we conduct once a year. Read on to learn and feel into what resonates for you.


Feel Beautiful Again

Who is this for?

You’re tired, overworked and you’re starting to succumb to life’s pressures. You’ve been out of touch with your femininity for some time now and it’s making you feel somewhat like a genderless robot. Feeling less than feminine makes you feel unattractive to men and you’re ready to start feeling like a woman again.

If that sounds like you, then you’re definitely going to want to read carefully so you can learn more about this one-of-a-kind course created by Johnny and Lara together (so you get masculine and feminine insight and energy). This course gives you step-by-step clarity on exactly how to tap into your radiant feminine energy so you feel like the courageous and attractive woman you were born to be.


Heartbreak to Heart Open Course

Who is this for?

Did he break your heart last week? Last month? last year? Maybe long long ago, but the effects still linger… and you know you haven’t fully released him, the pain, and the thought patterns around it all. Maybe that kind of heartbreak has happened more than once. A shocking end to a relationship or marriage. A painful breakup. It all has an effect on your heart. It all closes your heart a little bit more. If you’ve experienced heartbreak in your life, and you’ve reached the point where you want to find peace, healing and hope for a heart open future, this Home Learning Course is for you.

You will benefit from this deeper and longer program if you love the idea of working at your own pace, from the comfort of home, and yet you’d still like the benefit of having a structure that gives you expert guidance and a sense of support. So whether your heartbreak is recent and raw, or old and hardened, in this six week course you’ll discover how to finally break the cycle of heartbreak in your life, make peace with yourself, and develop the confidence and courage you need to move from the pain of heartbreak to the joy of being open to receiving your soulmate love.

The Love Better Course

Who is this for?

You used to dream of a relationship that would make you swoon…

With a guy who loves you for you, even with all your quirks.

But so far, it hasn’t turned out that way in real life. In fact, you’re worried it might never happen, and you might have to choose between being single, and settling for a guy who doesn’t make your heart soar.

But what if I told you your soulmate is out there – once you learn how to find him. I know – I found mine, and I’ve helped many other women do the same. It’s not luck, and it’s not just me. I used a system that worked for others, and we can show you how to do it too.

Stop meeting the wrong guys, and stop worrying you’ll have to settle. Learn how you can love yourself better, love your life more, and find the right guy for you – learn to Love Better.


Quantum Leap to Love Live Telecourse

Who is this for?

You’ve done a lot of work to get here. Maybe you’ve even taken one of our courses. And you’re on the right track. The fog has lifted, and you can see the path ahead.

But what if you’re one of an exclusive group women who want to skip over the learning curve and do a year’s worth of healing and transformation in a single month?

You’re not looking for slow-and-steady because you realize that every year not spent in a relationship with your soulmate is a year wasted.

That’s why you’re looking for a quantum leap.

And you understand that you have unique issues that 2 experienced coaches can help you break through in a fraction of the time you’d spend working through them on your own.

That’s why you’re willing to invest in the opportunity to work with Johnny and Lara live.

The Quantum Leap program is a new live telecourse that lets you make more progress in one month than you would with a year on your own.

If you’re ready to make THIS your year for love, we can help, go ahead – take the leap…


LOVE 301

Live Events

If you’re ready to take your love learning to the next level, and accelerate your breakthroughs and your magnetism, then you’re ready to work with us in person. Taking at least one Home Learning Course is recommended. Participation in the Quantum Leap to Love Live Telecourse is strongly suggested for you to get the most out of the Love Breakthrough Weekend. Our live events are held in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area of California, held at a beautiful hotel, accessible from all 3 Bay Area airports. For the woman who is ready to give herself the very best, this is it. Our live events are fun, uplifting, and powerfully transformational experiences… unlike anything else.


The Love Breakthrough Weekend

Who is this for?

This is a total immersion experience for single, conscious women who deeply desire soulmate love.

If you are looking for a fast, proven step-by-step path that makes it finally possible to break through your fears, worries and blocks to soulmate love in a truly safe, supportive and accepting community (and have fun in the process), this event is for you.

The Advanced Program

Who is this for?

If you are looking to work with us in-depth and would like our help personally walking you step by step through your transformation into becoming an irresistible soulmate magnet, we offer an Advanced Program (it’s called “The LoveLaunch Program”) that is truly a remarkable and life-changing experience.

This program is limited to a small group of women wanting to take their entire life, not just their love life, to the next level of self-love, confidence and joy. Because of the shared values, common life-outlook (love matters!) and the close-knit nature of the community as well as deep transformational work and core-shifting joy and fun in this full year journey, the friends you’ll make in this program can last you a lifetime. Many women make friends who become their bridesmaids, best friends, and even supportive women at the births of each others children.

It’s not too late to find a relationship with someone who loves you for you, even if you’ve been hurt, or “screwed up” in the past.

We’ve got lots of great courses and programs to help you, but if you’re wondering where to start, just click below to learn about and overcome your own Disruptive Love Pattern Quiz

Overcome your Disruptive Love Patterns before you pick one more guy who’s wrong for you!

Start making better love decisions overnight.