Have You Found Your Love Tribe?


As humans, we’re naturally communal. Since the dawn of time we’ve banded together to hunt, protect each other, create art, and bond. Having a tribe offered belonging and was a way to benefit from having access to different skills and wisdom. It’s only since the Industrial Revolution that people began to separate from their communities and become more focused on their experience as an individual. Which totally makes sense. Farming communities turned into cities and and suddenly you could get your vegetables from a grocery store instead of from the family down the road. Finding a tribe became a bit more difficult. There were churches and other such groups but they weren’t a fit for everyone. Then mass production happened and tribes began to form based on…stuff. That’s right. Suddenly people were banding together because of shared products instead of shared values…

So what has this got to do with finding soulmate love?

Soulmate love doesn’t exist in a bubble. You might be thinking: “I already know that Lara!” I’m sure you do. I also know that many women understand that when it comes to meeting men they need to connect to men to eventually find their sweetheart. However, these same smart and savvy women completely overlook the other types of connection that can help them on their journey toward meeting Mr. Right. They are so caught up in attracting their mate that they don’t invest their time and energy into finding their love tribe. And being a part of a love tribe is essential if you want to meet your man sooner instead of later.

Why You Need a Love Tribe

I once saw a story on Facebook about an African tribe that uses love to deal with negative actions. When someone does something bad, they take the person to the center of the village and spend two days telling them all the reasons they are a good person. For two whole days! This tribe believes that people are born good and deserving of happiness. When things going wrong, it’s a cry for help and it’s essential that the wrongdoer be reminded of their inherently good nature.


Being a part of the right love tribe is similar in that it’s about lifting people up. (And look, we have no problem if you go on to steal someone’s heart. In fact, we hope you do.) A love tribe is a community of people who are there to remind you just how worthy of soulmate love you are. These are women who can see you through the tough times and celebrate your successes alongside you in equal measure. When you’re a part of a love tribe, you don’t have to walk the journey to soulmate love alone. Instead of experiencing setbacks on days when you’re not feeling inspired—and we all have those days—you can reach out to one of the women if your tribe and let them be a rock for you. The saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” could be said for attracting soulmate love too.

The Difference Between Friends and a Love Tribe

You probably have some awesome friends who have seen you through the ups and downs of your rollercoaster love life. (Or maybe your love life feels more like that spinning teacup ride.) Of course you need these people in your life! Friends are a necessary and healthy part of your journey toward soulmate love. The women in your love tribe are in no way better than your friends. It’s just that they’re different than your friends and can, thus, offer you support that your friends can’t give you. Why? Because your love tribe is on the same journey as you. “But I have plenty of single girlfriends I can talk to, Lara!” Which is totally great. Are those same girlfriends actively working toward attracting their sweetheart? By acting, I mean learning and finding support and guidance along the way? This is not to be confused with simply going on more dates or spending a lot of time and energy wishing that Mr. Right shows up.

No? Well then it’s time you joined a love tribe.

Where to Find Your Love Tribe

You might be thinking this: “I can’t attract one man and now you’re telling me to find an entire group of women to be my love tribe. How am I supposed to do this Lara?!” No need to worry, we’ve got you covered! Over the past 12 years of working with intelligent, warm-hearted and supportive women, we’ve facilitated the creation of a powerful and welcoming love tribe. (We didn’t intend to by the way…it just happened. Kinda like soulmate love happens when the conditions are right.) Along the way, we stumbled upon the realization that women actually learn better—and see faster results—when they learn in community. And the thing about love tribes is that the more people there are in it, the better it is for everyone. All that energy and support can’t not create change in your life! So come on over and see what all the buzz is about.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

Your love tribe is there for you to remind you that soulmate love is possible and you deserve it. Anytime you need it. You don’t have to do this whole soulmate searching process by yourself. So don’t. Give yourself permission to reach out and let people in. Not just any people either. Safe and wonderful women just like you who get what you’re going through and who want the same thing as you. It might sound too good to be true and I promise you it’s not. Our love tribe is being it’s the amazing, expanding entity that it is even as you’re reading this article. All you have to do is reach out and connect to our tribe—to your love tribe.

Meet Your Love Tribe

Are you ready to learn more, meet wonderful people, and find love faster? Is it time you met your love tribe? We have one waiting for you at our ONE live event this year: The upcoming Love Breakthrough Weekend. This transformative live event is the place to connect to your love tribe. A jam-packed weekend designed to get you moving toward those breakthroughs in your love life that you’re craving. You’ll get to work with Johnny and I and meet other wonderful women who will support you on your journey. You deserve soulmate love and you also deserve to feel a deep sense of belonging in a tribe that is just waiting to welcome you!

P.S. We have just a few seats left at the LBW and a special deal for you right now. Don’t miss this unique opportunity.

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  1. Crystal said: January 5, 2018 at 10:58 pm

    What is the date for your next live weekend? Where will it be and how much is the weekend.
    Can you please send me more information?
    Thanks so much.

    • Anna -Community Support said: January 8, 2018 at 11:39 am

      Hi Crystal! thank you so much for stopping by! we are so excited to hear you are interested in our next LIVE event! 😀

      Here is the link we currently have for updates: https://johnnyandlara.com/be-the-first-to-know

      I’m going to try emailing it to you as well 🙂

      thank you!

  2. Anna said: December 19, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    I loved reading this!