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“Pure Magic – Seriously!”

“At your course I set an intention that the man of my dreams would propose to me on a certain date, even though at that time, I didn’t yet know who my soulmate was… and it ACTUALLY happened… on the exact day I had predicted!”

In one of your workshops, I set my intention to “Get engaged to the most amazing man I can imagine.” Through the course of our work together you helped me to see that I was fundamentally untrusting in relationships and didn’t really believe I would ever have the type of partnership that I said I wanted. When I saw that, and with your help, I started to open up, and eventually, I started looking differently at a friend of mine who had already been proposing to me for the past 9 years.

I never really considered him a potential match for me, because he wasn’t what I always thought I wanted. But when I was really open, I saw that he is perfect for me. So we started dating nearly a year ago.

Last Saturday, on the day I predicted years earlier, he proposed for real, and I accepted. Now is that magic or what?”


Justina B., Santa Barbara, CA (with her husband on their wedding day)

- Justina B., Santa Barbara, CA 2014-11-10

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We’re all About Love

We’re all About Love

We are all about love. We empower women through their relationships – helping single women love themselves, love their life, and attract the right man to love and be loved by. Our mission is to create more loving couples in the world and to help you live your best life.